Turkish Composer Avniye Nazife Aral-Güran’s (1921-1993) Life and Representation in Mass Media in the Light of Republican Politics of Music

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Turkish Composer Avniye Nazife Aral-Güran’s (1921-1993) Life and Representation in Mass Media in the Light of Republican Politics of Music
  Writing Women's Lives: Auto/Biography, Life Narratives, Myths and HistoriographyApril 1!"#, "#1$! %stan&ul! editepe (niversity)ur*ish +omposer Avniye Naife Aral!-.rans 01"1!12 Life and 3epresentation in Mass Media in the Light of 3epu&li4an 5oliti4s of Musi4 Born in 5 September 1921, Avniye Nazife Aral-Güran spent her chilhoo an aolescence mostly o!tsie "!r#ey $respectively %esbos, Gy!mri, Berlin, Ale&anria', hence her father (as an officer in )inistry of *orei+n Affairs She starte her m!sic career at an early a+e an (as active in this fiel in every sta+e of her life!rin+ the perio they live in Berlin $19./-1901' she contin!e her e!cation in Berlin ochsch!le )!sic Acaemy (here she st!ie piano (ith !olf Schmit an composition (ith 3a!l 4ffer !e to the impact of orl ar 66 on Berlin, they ha to ret!rn to An#ara 7ne can notice preominant emotions ca!se by the eath of Atatür# in the pieces she compose aro!n this time After +ettin+ marrie, Aral-Güran (ent to iyarba#8r on acco!nt of her h!sbans !ty (here she fo!ne 3hilharmonic Association She +ave co!ntless concerts there an ta!+ht escriptive m!sic lessons for primary school chilren ithin a year, she forme a choir comprise of chilren Gro(n !p by traitions of 7ttoman society, Nazife Gürans life bears the stamp of socio-c!lt!ral transition bet(een the 7ttoman :mpire an "!r#ish ep!blic an she reflects the ima+e of ;)oern ep!blican oman< in its broaest sense "his ima+e conceive by the =emalist ieolo+y, increase (omens (or#loa in many (ays Accorin+ly, moern ep!blican oman ha to o all the ho!se (or#> f!lfill the essential nees of her h!sban> an most of all, perform all !ties of sacre motherhoo, as (ell as (or# o!tsie an contrib!te to the family economy 6ts possible to see the effects of these hi+h e&pectations on Nazife Gürans life avin+ a chil, Güran mentione in her iaries several times that she co!lnt ma#e eno!+h time for composin+ m!sic beca!se of ho!se (or# Altho!+h Nazife Güran (as never mentione in t!r#ish m!sic ictionaries or encyclopeias, she appeare in the ne(spapers an ma+azines of her time 6n +!iance of corresponence, letters an vario!s oc!ments erive from her private archive, the iffic!lties (omen face in social life in that conte&t an ho( m!ch they ha to str!++le for artistic creation as (ell as the (ays ifferent parts of society sa( m!sic (ill be calle into ?!estion )ass meias approach to her (ill also be a s!b@ect for this st!y
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