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PreviewFor Volunteers Balloon Fest is a Regional Interscholastic STEM EventTeachers and teams of 3 to 6 students are invited to launch helium-filled, tethered balloons…
PreviewFor Volunteers Balloon Fest is a Regional Interscholastic STEM EventTeachers and teams of 3 to 6 students are invited to launch helium-filled, tethered balloons with student-designed instrumentation in order to measure different characteristics of our atmosphere, or to test alternative engineering designs.After weeks of preparation, at an exciting all-day event, students will gather data, analyze it, and present their findings to peers, parents, and professionals.Enthusiastic adult mentors, judges, and event volunteers provide encouragement and active support for these student teams.Levels of ParticipationLevel 1                               Introductory   Designed for first time experimenters, ES or MS. Level 2                               Intermediate Designed for high school STEM students Advanced  Only for experienced experimenters and special projectsWhen & Wherehttp://Regional.Endeavours.orgRegional Balloon Fest:Saturday, Dec 7, 2013Allan Hancock Collegehttp://Championship.Endeavours.orgChampionship Balloon Fest:Saturday, May 3, 2014Tobin James CellarsHwy 46 and Union roadBalloon Fest is FunExciting InvestigationsGreat TeamworkFine Analyses and AwardsAdult ParticipationMentorWork with a team of great students by email and at the event. Lots of fun for you.Team SupportParents or friends of participating students help their team. Event VolunteerHelp with refreshments, registration, filling balloons, parking, or directions.JudgeEvaluate readiness of team to compete, interview teams at the event, and award prizesIf you are not yet ready to participateCome watch! Bring your family. The best time is from 8 to 10am. AExperiment Design Process
  • Two Options
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Examples: Science
  • • Altitude Profiles:
  • a. Barometric Pressure
  • b. Air Temperature (Temp. Inversions)
  • c. Humidity
  • d. Ultraviolet exposure
  • e. Cricket activity levels
  • f. CO2 or O2 %
  • g. Magnetic Intensity
  • h. Electric Field strength
  • i. Cosmic Ray Flux
  • j. Sound frequency attenuation vs altitude
  • Constant sound generator, microphone, oscilloscope with fourier analysis, printer and computerExamples: Engineering
  • • Find the point directly below the balloon
  • • Parachutes, Egg drop, Glider design
  • • Minimum Aneroid Barometer device to determine maximum altitude One-way valve to allow air out will sample lowest pressure if T is const.
  • • Trigonometric Altitude measurement Two or three base stations, solid geometry, simultaneous measurements
  • • Aerial Pictures or wireless Video for altitude measurement
  • Interesting perspective but also ability to measure altitude by apparent size of image
  • • Remote Sensing
  • AIRSS: Crop Vigor
  • • Comparison of altitude measurements by barometric pressure, line
  • length & angle, Laser rangefinder, GPS, Trig, and plate scale. Precision & accuracy. • Release and track a balloon to measure air movement vs altitude.Small Satellites for Secondary StudentsKevin JohnSonoma State UniversityEducation and Public Outreach GroupThis work has been supported by NASA Grant NNX12AB97GStandard payload designPower ConnectionServoAccelerometerGPSHumidityWiFi SD Data LoggerArduinoPressure and Temperature MagnetometerTop ViewBottom ViewBalloon Fest 2012 payload testsAntenna configuration tested during Balloon Fest in December 2012 at Allan Hancock CollegeBalloon Fest 2013 payload test
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