OPREC CAREER FAST 2014 – William Wicaksono Darmanto

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OPREC CAREER FAST 2014 – William Wicaksono Darmanto
  Career Fast 2014 Open Recruitment BOOKLET I.   GUIDELINES This open recruitment booklet is a requirement for you who want to apply being Career Fast 2014 with AHM Participant. We will make a consideration based on the information you have given in this booklet. So, make sure you fill the information correctly. After you fill the booklet, send the booklet to our mail, ahm.undip@gmail.com with subject “OPREC CAREER FAST 2014  –    YOUR NAME”.  The deadline for submitting the booklet is March 31 th  23:59. If you have question just contact us at.................. *) You may fill this booklet using English or Indonesia. Thank you . II.   PERSONAL INFORMATION Complete Name William Wicaksono Darmanto Nick Name William, Willy Place, Date of Birth Jakarta, 8 t  April 1995 Address Jl. Bukit Umbul Timur 7A, Ngesrep Timur, Semarang Phone Number +6285780045030 Email williamdarmanto00@gmail.com  III.   EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND High School : Kolose Kanisius, Jakarta   University: Diponegoro University   Faculty: Engineering   Major: Chemical Engineering   IV.   SPECIAL COURSE / TRAINING ATTENDED Year   Course / Training   Place / Insitution   Remark   2013 Progam Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru(PPMB) dan Pendidikan Karakter Tahun Akademik 2013/2014 Engineering Faculty Sertifikat diberikan kepada William Wicaksono karena telah mengikuti rangkaian progam PPMB 2013/2014  2013 Seminar Lomba Penelitian Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Indonesia (LPMTKI) 2013 University Piagam diberikan kepada William Wicaksono sebagai peserta seminar LPMTKI V.   EXTRA CULLICULAR ACTIVITIES (specify organizational activities you have attended within a maximum of 2 years and showed the greatest contribution that you provide) Year   Activities /   Organization   Organization   Scope   Position   Held   Responsibilities  2013 -  present Pelayanan Rohani Mahasiswa Katolik (PRMK) University Secretary of Resources and Funding Department Supervise the other staff , make a plan for increase the cash flow of the organization and journal the work program 2013 -  present Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia (HMTK) Engineering Faculty Human Resource Make a stability of cash flow in HMTK and  prosper the student in Chemical Engineering 2012  –   2013 OMK “Orang Muda Katolik  ” Don Bosco  Parish Event Planner Plan religious event for the group such as retreat VI.   SPECIAL AWARD  Please mention award(s) you have been received and explain it briefly (academic honors, distinction, scholarship, etc) Year   Award   Institution   Remarks  2011 2 n  place of choir competition at Tarumanegara University Tarumanegara University 2013 3 r   place of photography competition Kolose Kanisius VII.   SPECIFIC QUESTION 1.What kind of motivation and expectation joining this Career Fast 2014 with AHM?   I’m being fired up after my friend inform me about Career Fast 2014 with AHM, I really looked for it since my first semester in UNDIP because with attending it, I believe that I could make myself more useful firstly for my own self, and of course for others, and also I hope that I can change the condition around my faculty and organization to be better because there are where I  belong. I expect that by joining this event I can learn leadership by working as a team and developing trust within the member, and having a good socializing skill with another person in different background.  2.Have you ever done any project management? What kind of project management it was? 3.What do you know about Astra Honda Motor? Semarang, March 21th 2014 (William Wicaksono Darmanto) I know that Astra Honda Motor is one of the leading company in Indonesia that run in vehicle manufacturing, and it is the share 50% from Astra International and the other half is from Honda that the head branch is in Japan. Beside running for vehicle manufacturing Astra Honda Motor also create some  programs to develop student skill especially in University, the program such as scholarship that called Astra 1 st  , and some of seminar that develop university student to be more familiar with work place. Yes I have done some before I entered UNDIP, but I would like to tell you about my project in university, it was called “Follow Up Retreat  PRMK FT UNDIP 2013”. It was same as it name , as a follow up after all of the new catholic student in engineering faculty at tend the retreat, so the retreat didn’t end at that time, but we as a new member of PRMK made a follow up based on the retreat. It was a fun event that gathers the catholic student across the engineering faculty and the alumni also join as well. The event that held there such as games, having a bonfire and a worship to God.
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