Management African Virtual university Université Virtuelle Africaine Universidade Virtual Africana Educational Prepared by Gerald Ngugi KIMANI

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Management African Virtual university Université Virtuelle Africaine Universidade Virtual Africana Educational Prepared by Gerald Ngugi KIMANI
   Management African Virtual universityUniversité Virtuelle AfricaineUniversidade Virtual Africana Prepared by Gerald Ngugi KIMANI   African Virtual University  1 NOTICE Tis document is published under the conditions of the Creative Commons  Attribution   African Virtual University  2 I. Educational Management ____________________________________3II. Prerequisite Course or Knowledge _____________________________3III. Time ____________________________________________________3IV. Materials _________________________________________________3V. Module Rationale __________________________________________3VI. Content __________________________________________________4  6.1 Overview ______________________________________4 6.2 Outline ________________________________________4 6.3 Graphic Organizer ________________________________5VII. General Objective(s) ___________________________________6 VIII. Specific Learning Objectives __________________________________6IX. Teaching and Learning Activities _______________________________8X. Learning Activities _________________________________________13XI. Compiled List of Key Concepts _______________________________50XII. Compiled List of Compulsory Readings ________________________51XIII. Compiled List of Useful Links ________________________________58XIV. Synthesis of the Module ____________________________________69XV. Summative Evaluation ______________________________________70XVI. References ______________________________________________73XVII. Main Author of the Module _________________________________74  Table of ConTenTs   African Virtual University  3 I. educti Mgmt by Gerald N. Kimani II. Prrquiit Cur r Kwdg  You should have doe the foundation courses in education at undergraduate le-vel. Tese courses include philosophy of education, general and developmental psychology, methods of teaching, history of education and curriculum develop-ment. Tis implies that you should have a basic understanding of education and teaching profession. III. Tim o cover this module, it will require around 120 hours distributed as follows:Unit 1 Organizational and Administrative Structure 20 hoursUnit 2 Historical development of Management 30 hoursUnit 3 Teories of Educational Management 20 hoursUnit 4 Functions of Management and Educational 50 hours Policies and their implications to educational Management IV. Mtri Te following are important materials that will be necessary to learn this mo-dule:Simulated reactions on CD/Video/DVDRecommended textbooks including web-based materials V. Mdu Rti Te school principals have an important responsibility of creating a conducive environment of learning in their schools. Without the necessary knowledge and skills management of their schools becomes a very challenging task. Adequate preparation for appointment to the position of school principal is essential to be an effective educational administrator. Tis module provides the necessary knowledge and skills required by school principals to perform their duties ef-fectively.   African Virtual University  4 VI. Ctt 6.1 Overview Tis module deals with educational management. It discusses the organizational and administrative structure. Teories of educational administration are then presented followed by functions of management. Te last part of the module deals with educational policies and their implication to educational manage-ment. Te specific unit of each module deals with the following aspects:Unit I Discusses organizational and administrative structure Unit II Outlines Historical Development of ManagementUnit III Deals with the theories of educational managementUnit IV Presents the functions of Management and discusses the educationalpolicies and their implication to educational management 6.2 Outline Unit opic No. of Hours Unit I Organizational and Administrative structure 20 hours• Definition of organization• ypes of organization• Definition of management and administration• Differences between educational management and educational administration.Unit II Historical Development of Management 30 hours• Classical management movement • Human relations movement• Behavioural Science Movement Unit III Teories of Educational Management 40 hours• Needs – hierarchy theory  - wo factor theory  - ERG Teory
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