A famous English Novelist. He lived in th e times when great changes happened in

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A famous English Novelist. He lived in th e times when great changes happened in England and other European countries. Famous novels written by Charles Dickens Match column A and B. A Tale of Two Cities 小气财神 David Copperfield 双城记
A famous English Novelist. He lived in the times when great changes happened in England and other European countries.Famous novels written by Charles Dickens Match column A and B A Tale of Two Cities小气财神David Copperfield 双城记Great Expectations 大卫 .科波菲尔 Hard Time 远大前程Oliver Twist 艰难时事A Christmas Carol 雾都孤儿Checking(Part 1): 1.When does the story happen?It happens on the day before Christmas.2.What are the main characters in the play? And their relationships?Ebenezer Scrooge---a Boss; the main heroBob Cratchit --------Scrooge’s clerkFred -------------------Scrooge’s nephewA gentleman -------collect money for the poorSanta Clause ----- appears in Scrooge’s dreamDetailed reading(True or false)______F 1.Scrooge was willing to let Bob had a day off because it would be Christmas the next day. 2.Scrooge was invited by his niece and he accepted the invitation happily. 3.Scrooge’s nephew is a poor, mean person. 4.Scrooge is merry with the coming of Christmas. 5.Scrooge didn’t want to give the poor any money because he thought they were idle . 6.In Scrooge’s dream he met his old friend--- Jacob Marley._____F________F___________FTF______________Discussion: 1.What’s the true spirit of Christmas according to Fred?According to Fred, Christmas time is a good time. It’s the only time of the year when one does not only think about oneself but open their hearts freely and think of other people.2.What will happen next?A Christmas Carol(2)In Scrooge’s dreamRead scene one and then fill in the form with correct information.Place: Time:Characters:Event:Reasons:Scrooge’s reaction:the place where Scrooge lived when he was youngScene Onethe time when Scrooge was youngyoung Scrooge and his girlfriendthe girl wanted to be separated from ScroogeBecause Scrooge cared nothing except making money, which disappointed her.He felt very uneasy.Multiple choice : 1.What’s “the golden idol”? A.A sculpture made of gold B.a better young man than Scrooge C.a football star admired by his girlfriend2.“Only one, Gain, was left” What does it mean?A.Scrooge only seeks for money and profits.B.Scrooge is becoming selfish and greedy.C.All of the above 3.Who thinks Mr.Scrooge is a mean,hard,selfish person? A.Mr.Cratchit B.Mrs Cratchit C.the little girl D.Tiny Tom4.Why Scrooge doesn’t want to watch the scenes Santa Clause shows to him?A.He regretted what he had done.B.He thinks it is annoying.C.It is a waste of time to do so6.What’s Santa Clause role?A.guide B.doctor C.judge5.How did Bob Cratchit feel when he saw Scrooge and his turkey?A.satisfied B.interested C.angry D.surprisedDiscussion:What do you think of Mr. Scrooge? Can you give some examples to support your opinion?Consolidation:Fill in the blanksChristmaswhetheroffff It was the day before __________ and the _________ was terribly cold.Bob wanted to have a day ___ in order to have a good Christmas dinner but his boss,Scrooge, who was c____, mean and only interested in making ______ didn’t allow him to do so at first. Scrooge’s nephew—Fred wanted to ____ Scrooge to attend their Christmas dinner but he was r_______.A gentleman who wanted to ______ some money for the poor was also_______down by Scrooge. At last when all the other left Scrooge had a ______, in which he met Santa Claus.ruelruelmoneyinviteejectedcollectturneddreamScrooge’s girlfriend tells him another _____ has ________________. She thinks he only_______________ for money and decides to _________ from him. Santa Clause shows him another scene. Bob wishes Merry Christmas to him in his family celebration, but his wife regards Scrooges as a _____, ____, and_______ old man. As a result, they don’t have money to buy _________ for Tiny Tom. Scrooge _______ what he has done. He must do something to make up for it . He orders and has a huge turkey _________ to Bob. On Christmas Day, Scrooge visits Bob and wishes his family __________________.idoltaken his placehave an eye separatemeanhardselfishmedicineregretsdelivereda Merry ChristmasHomework:read and retell the play
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